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One Comment, Two Comment, Three Comment


Comment 1

social monitoring; techi or creepy? by jordynchristine       2/2/12

Gooooood information to remember!

It’s especially important to be careful with what we post on Facebook and Twitter, especially with the whole “check-in” thing. If you don’t have privacy settings, you’re literally setting yourself up for someone to come and find you…

I’ve accidentally posted some things I’d rather not have people seeing, so it’s made me much more conscious and aware of how we use the internet.

Comment 2

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words by lizcolburn      2/2/12

These are great photographs!

I have a passion for photography also…taking pictures, looking at other people’s and learning how to better use my camera. Thanks for sharing these pictures…I’ll have to look at his blog.

Comment 3

Lessons in Grammar & PR by Mylon Bunce      2/2/12

That’s interesting about the and/or. I’m pretty sure I use that in my writing quite often but never knew that it isn’t recommended.
Also, I didn’t know there was a difference in however…I use them obviously but had never thought about the difference between the two. I usually just use “the However,” in my writing.
I didn’t even see the posts you mentioned, so I’m glad you shared them with us.

Comment 4

The SEU Form 2012 by Liz Colburn     3/18/12

Thanks for sharing with us about your time at the Forum! From someone who wasn’t able to personally attend, I was able to “tune in” through using social media like twitter and facebook to keep updated on all of the happenings. I love the way you compiled everything into storify to make your own story of your experience at The Forum. And your pictures look awesome too!! :)

Comment 5

Update on Overland Mission to Zambia by Jordyn Roe    3/18/12

My little roomie..I’m so excited to see your passion for God and the nations. I pray you continue to have faith and seek Him regarding your trip and that God will bring in all of your finances in His perfect timing! I hope I get to Skype you when you’re in Zambia..and make sure you watch my little sister over there!! :)

Comment 6

Be My Guest! Spring Nails Guest Blogger by Jillian Reid    3/18/12

So although this is not PR related, I absolutely love it..Haha. I love the colors that have come out for spring! Turquoise is one of my favorite colors and it reminds me of the beach. This is a good tutorial..never know you needed so many coats! Maybe that’s why I can hardly ever keep nail polish on for very long…

Comment 7

So Call Me Maybe by Liz Telg      4/14/12

I’d like to thank you for introducing me to a song that has been STUCK in my head for the past three days now…wow. Haha. But I agree…I feel taken back to my teenage years by listening to this song. And the other band? Haven’t heard of them, but I might take your suggestion and check them out…umm, how cute are they? Haha. They remind me of my 14 year old brother 😉

Comment 8

Widgets, Badges, same thing…or not? by Liz Colburn    4/14/12

Thanks for the explanation on the differences between the two. I hear these words used pretty comonly, but couldn’t explain what they are, or the differences. I think both widgets and badges are a great addition to blogs, since they make blogging and interacting with other websites a lot easier.

Comment 9

Public Speaking Introductions by Mylon Bounce      4/14/12

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on writing an introduction for a speaker. I agree with you, you can’t be too long or share too much informaton to take away from the speech, but you need just enough to help the audience feel connected with you. I also think it’s extremely important, that if you are able to, to talk with the person giving the introduction and let them hear your thoughts on how you want it delivered. That will help them understand what you are looking for and you won’t have to worry about their delivery. :)

Comment 10

PR Pro Interview by Cynthia Melendez-Flynn     4/14/12

Thanks for sharing this interview with Katie. I’m glad you did an interview with a fellow student, who works for SEU. I am glad to see someone from SEU working in this field for our school, as I’m sure it gives her great practice and an inside look into what journalism and PR is all about. I’m glad to see they have am alumni magazine, because that’s something I’ll be interested in once I graduate in…20 DAYS!!! 🙂