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September 16

Comment 1

TOW 1 My Dearest First Year Students by Naida Lindberg

I loved reading this and completely agree with your tips. College is so much more than just homework and classes…it’s a whole new learning experience from meeting new people to growing deeper in your relationship with God. I know for me, I would be in a completely different place right now if I hadn’t come to college. I loved your third tip, because I’ve found such encouragement and love from all of my professors at SEU, and that has been such a blessing to me.

Wide World Web in ’96 compared to today by Sarah Allen
This was interesting to look at! To see how the internet has changed so much, just in our lifetime! I remember dial-up and AOL and thinking that was the coolest thing ever..and now that’s such a part of our past.

I think we definitely spend a huge part of our lives on the internet whether that is through our computer or mobile devices because everything has gone mobile now. I can do my homework, connect with family on the other side of the country, listen to my favorite music on Pandora and order a pizza all at the same time. I think it definitely has taken away from spending time with family and friends. All too often I’ll look around my family room at home and see each of my family members online in some way or another.

Life has changed, and we rely on the internet for a lot of things. We just have to be careful to not let it take away from social interaction with others and our spiritual lives..although that has become mobile too with the Youversion app.

October 18

Comment 3

7 Essential Tips for PR Newbies by Petya N. Georgieva (PR Pro)

Thanks for the helpful information! As a newbie in the field of PR, I enjoy reading things from others who are experiencing this now, so I can better prepare myself. Definitely going to keep staying up to date with new technology and all of the social media!

Comment 4

Nuh-Uh! McD’s Would Never Deceive Me! What!?! by Isa Ramos

Haha. A great picture of advertising at its finest. This kind of reminds me of when you open up a bag of chips that appears to be full and there’s only 10 chips in there. This is a great post..definitely enjoyed it.

Comment 5

Quick Response Codes on the Rise by Sarah Allen

Really enjoyed this post. I’d never seen a QR code until this summer, and now I feel like I use this all the time. These are definitely going to become very popular as more and more people grow used to using them.

October 21

Comment 6

Interview with PR Professional Casey Taylor by Kate Elizabeth

Thanks for writing about your interview. I was blown away by his daily schedule..up at 4 am? Yikes!
I appreciated some of his advice, especially “nothing is what it seems. stay grounded in reality.” This is especially important to remember in the PR world.
Habitat for Humanity lands in the doghouse for blundered publicity-op by Kevin Allen (PR Pro)

Let’s just hope they learn from their “caught” mistake and don’t do this again. I would hate to see such a wonderful organization loose support because of bad judgment.

Comment 8

A Man for the Job by Paul Hamilton

I also didn’t know much about Herman Cain before reading your blog post. I appreciate the background you gave on him and sharing your personal opinion. I didn’t even know he was running for President (my mom’s a huge Ron Paul fan and that’s all she talks about) but I’ll be sure to look more into his politics and views.

Comment 9

Firm or Department-which would you work for? by Christina Miller

I really liked the way you discussed this chapter in our book. Actually, I feel like I learned more from your post then reading the book myself! You did a great job of highlight the most important facts about each in a clear, concise way.

Comment 10

Bring on the Camels by Naida Lindberg

Can I just say that I love how you post pictures of camels? I’m not too sure how they relate to PR..but they’re pretty cool to look at. You should ride one!!! I did in Israel and it was a neat experience..although they seem pretty mean! I thought for sure the one I was riding was going to turn around and bite my toes off.

November 28

Comment 11

Infographic: The 7 types of iPhone Users by Kevin Allen (PR Pro)

I found this hilarious. I think my brother would be classified as the Fanboy, Hacker and Overuser..all in one!

December 3

Comment 12

Top 10 Things Learned in PR Class by Sarah Allen

I really enjoyed following your blog and seeing your side of what you have learned in Public Relations this semester! You did a great job on this post of your top 10 things, many of which I can relate to!
Great job!

Comment 13

Not Just Your Neighborhood Brewery by Naida Lindberg

I knew I loved Starbucks!
They are doing a great job reaching out to the rest of the world through so many of their campaigns.

Comment 14

12 Outrageous job losses due to mishandling of social media by Sam Fiorella (PR Pro)

Just a great reminder to always watch what you say, whether you’re a famous representative or a Dominoes employee.

Comment 15

Public Relations Presentation by Johnnie Kirkland

You did a great job in your presentation! I had heard of the term “lobbyist” before, but had no idea what exactly they did, or how they fit in with Public Relations. Thanks for enlightening us!

Comment 16

Corporate Public Relations by Paul Hamilton

You did a great job on your presentation! Thanks for sharing with us and helping us to further understand the world of Corporate Public Relations.

Comment 17

A World’s Worth of Writing by Kate Higdon

I really enjoyed your presentation on Travel & PR. You did a great job of researching and thoroughly explaining all of the different jobs that encompass this part of the field. I have always wanted to be a Photojournalist–It’s my dream to travel the world, meet people and tell their story to the rest of the world.

Comment 18

My Ultimate 10 by Kate Higdon

Loved reading your list of top 10! I can relate to many of these, but my favorite was your Hashtag one. I had no idea what they were, and I was even using twitter for a few months before I used my first one! Learned what they were in our PR Class–special thanks to Professor Nixon for enlightening me on them!

Comment 19

Coca-Cola and Music by Jessi Ellerbe

This was a really cool video–thanks for sharing! I agree that Coke did a great job of merging music in with the teen’s and their love of the popular drink. I think it also points at how Coke unites the world, in a way. They showed many different teens in the film, and Coke is quite a worldwide company! I’ve traveled to 12 different countries and in each one, Coke was always easy to find!
(Although..I must admit, I prefer Pepsi over Coke!)

Comment 20

Avoid these 10 time-wasting tweets by Lisa Barone (PR Pro)

This is a great post on just what to say on Twitter. As a new twitter user, I realize I need to be careful with exactly what I say on my twitter. So far, I think I’ve been doing pretty well. And I loved #10–Monday’s are just NO fun.