TOW: 14 The Top 10 for New Bloggers


Here are my top 10 tips for new bloggers:


1. Be yourself. Always put your personal thoughts into your posts, but be conscientious of other people’s views as well. Don’t just re-hash what others have said about a particular topic. Add your own opinion and be willing to share thoughts with others and be open to new perspectives.

2. Keep up with your blog by posting regularly. Aim for adding posts at least once-twice per week. Once you have followers and people who subscribe to your blog, you’ll want to keep your blog updated. No one wants to follow a blog that hasn’t been updated.

3. Make sure all of your links and videos work properly and are updated. No one wants to receive the error message when clicking on a link you recommend.

4. Interact with your followers. Blogging is a great way to make connections with people. When people leave a comment on your blog, be sure to return the favor. Ask for feedback from your viewers, and see what their responses are.

5. Don’t forget pictures!! Pictures add color and vibrancy to your blogs. Even if you aren’t a photographer, try it out and add your own photographs to your blog. People will be intrigued to see your perspective on photography.

6. Have a theme to your blog. You don’t need to always stick to the theme, but you do need some kind of structure to your blog. Think about your personal hobbies or things you enjoy doing, and start from there.

7. Always proof-read your posts. It’s easy to write and hit the “publish” button, but remember you are writing for other people to see. You wouldn’t turn in a paper with a number of errors, so don’t do it on your blog either. Spelling errors are annoying to look at, and may turn away some of your viewers.

8. Please, please don’t add music to your blog. Most people are already listening to music when they surf the web, and it’s annoying to look at someone’s blog and have two different kinds of music going. If you do add music, make sure the widget is located near the top of your blog, so viewers can easily turn it off, instead of having to search your whole blog to turn it off.

9. Read other blogs! Blogging is a great way to make connections and learn about others and their perspectives. I have learned so many things from other blogs, and that’s why I keep reading. Blogging can be like an internet-based support group, of people communicating and sharing ideas through the internet. Keep updated with what is going on in “bloggy world” by staying up to date with your blogging buddies and always try to visit new ones each week.

10. Be careful what you post. Remember that unless your blog is private, it’s open for all of the world to see. Don’t use your blog as a journal to write to the world of all the problems going on in your life. Remember, other people can see it and someone may accidentally stumble upon your content. Also, remember to respect the privacy of your friends when using names and pictures. Always ask for their permission first.


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