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Comment 1

10 words that might not mean what you think they do by Ragan’s PR Daily    1/23/12

It’s interesting to see how word usage has changed so much, and how we are victim to it. I use many of those words on a regular basis in their evolved meanings rather than what their original intent was for. I guess we need to educate ourselves more about word meanings.

Comment 2

What does Jason Russell’s meltdown mean? by Rage Against the Minivan     3/12/12

Completely agree with you and your thoughts about Jason Russell and Invisible Children. I can’t help but feel for him and his family after all they have gone through these last few weeks. Their intention to make Kony famous, to lead to his demise has instead led to his. I hope and pray that people can move past this, recognize he is human, forgive and forget and remember what’s really important: stopping Kony and those like him.

Comment 3

Tuesday Tips & Pics by Live, Love and Travel    3/12/12

Thanks for sharing your editing tips! I’m a photographer, but still relatively naive when it comes to editing. I open up Photoshop and get so overwhelmed, but I’m slowly but surely getting there! The Florabella textures are beautiful and add so much depth to the photographs. You have such great talent!

Comment 4

twenty-six by Mandie in Africa  3/12/12         (NOTE: This blog post has since been removed by the owner)

I’ve been following your blog for quite some time now and have have just been in awe of your journey in Uganda and now, after. What a blessed life you are living, being able to serve God and care for his children. I have been praying and will continue to for Eden Hannah’s visa so she can be home with her family! Blessings to you.

Comment 5

How Kony nabbed 50 million hits in four days by Ragan’s PR Daily    3/18/12

I think it just goes to show how powerful social media is, especially in our world today. What really struck me is the fact that the video has gotten so huge and it’s rather long, especially in a fast-paced world where we can’t stand to sit past watching a 2 or 3 minute video. Whether or not you agree with the Kony movement, one can’t deny the fact that its media tactics definitely worked, and you can’t seem to go anywhere now without meeting someone who has heard about Kony. It’s pretty powerful to think so many people now know about what is happening in Africa and hopefully this will inspire others to become more involved in world affairs and maybe do something more than clicking “share.”

Comment 6

Saturday March 17, 2012 by Kisses from Katie                3/18/12

Just like you said, HE IS FAITHFUL. Prayers being sent from the USA for this young boy and healing in the name of Jesus.

Katie, you are doing great things–praise God for your obedience and willingness to love him and his children. I’m halfway through your book and just in awe of your story and what God is doing through you. You are such a role model for young women…I already have a line quite a few long of friends who can’t wait to borrow your book when I’m done!

Praying for you that God continues to keep you strengthened with his wisdom and knowledge.

Comment 7

An apology to all Non-“Missionaries” by Laura Parker      3/25/12

This post really struck me, as most of yours do. Yet, this is so true. As a senior in college, graduating in just 37 days with my eyes set on moving overseas as soon as possible, I’ve encountered this a lot in relationships with friends and room-mates who don’t share the same passions as I do. Certainly, I believe that all are called to be missionaries wherever they are, but that doesn’t involve moving overseas and giving up electricity to feel “fully used” by God. When I start going off on my tangents about my desire to live overseas as a missionary and how excited I am to give up my life, I have to stop and pause about how it makes those around me feel. My friends and room mates are no less important because of their passions and desires–one wants to start a counseling program for pregnant teenage girls and another wants to travel the world working with organic farming. God just asks us to obedient and used by Him, wherever that may be. I realize this is so important to bear in mind as I go through my daily life…I never want to make someone feel like they are less adequate or less of a Christian because they choose to live in America.

Though sometimes I think I’m prepared, since I’ve been on the mission field before, I realize I really don’t have it all together, and there is so much more to learn. But I am so glad to have the ability to learn from others and continue to try and prepare myself for a whole new world. I know it will be hard, and it’s hard to even begin trying to picture what it will look like. Thank you for writing and sharing your experiences of your life in Thailand. God is using your words to touch the heart of me in so many ways. (I’ve spent the last three summers teaching English in Cambodia, and next year my boyfriend and I plan on moving to the Philippines to work as missionaries, after we are married.)

Comment 8

For many people Instagram sale is not a pretty picture by Ragan’s PR Daily       4/15/12

While of course I’m not happy that Facebook has used their power to buy yet another company, I can’t say I’m so unhappy that I will delete my Instagram app. I don’t feel like I was sold over to Facebook, it’s just kind of what happens these days. I still like the Instagram app and will continue to use it for now, unless Facebook implements changes that I don’t like. Let’s hope it continues to stay the way it is!

Comment 9

The 5 biggest mistakes I made during my first year on the mission field by Laura Parker      4/15/12

Thanks for sharing your advice. It’s truly encouraging to me to hear the good and the bad of adjusting to life overseas. I have to remind myself it isn’t as “grand” as it seems. I’ll be joining my future husband in the Philippines next summer, so I have a lot to look forward to, and a lot to get used to. While I’ve had some cross-cultural experience after spending summers in Cambodia, I know it’s still going to be very different than I’m picturing. I have the next year to try and prepare myself, and I really do want to start learning the language now, so I have some sort of grasp when I get there.

What kind of advice would you offer to a newly married couple, moving overseas, doing the “wrong thing” by plunging in instead of waiting..?

Comment 10

How to maintain healthy eyes in a Digital Age         4/15/12

This is a great and very informative guide. I suffer from eye problems, and have to constantly be wearing glasses when I work on the computer. I didn’t know about the 20/20/20 rule, but I’ll be keeping that in mind during my long nights of senior college level paper writing. And it doesn’t surprise me about the last part, the “eye appointment app.” What will they think of next?

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