Ho Hey


This is completely off-topic and not PR related…

but wait, doesn’t PR encompass people working together, relating to each other and using social media to do so?

I guess it fits then.

I’ll do a little “publicity” for The Lumineers.

Really in love with this song…


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  1. This is DEFINITELY relevant. I would actually love to know more about your role with this group! That is really neat Sera! What type of publicity do you do for them, and what are some of your responsibilities?

    Thank you for sharing,


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  3. Hey Molly, Sorry if I confused you, but I meant it in a joking way. I don’t do any PR work for them…I simply meant the comment as using social media to share about other people, ie a band a like and thought other people might too. I changed the wording arond incase anyone else was to get confused.


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