TOW 13: Writing an Introduction


So, you’re giving a speech and someone else has been assigned the task of introducing you. It’s your job to write out the introduction and make sure the person giving it does so in a way that connects with the audience and is a good transition to your speech. OR you’re the one giving the introduction…

Image Credit: Talk Nerdy 2 Me

Here are a few tips on how to give, or write an engaging introduction…

1. Communicate with the person giving your speech. If you’re able, make sure you speak beforehand, with the person who will be giving the introduction. Be sure to tell them how you want the introduction given, what kind of body language they should use and what things they can emphasize. Taking this step will allow the person giving the speech to understand what you are looking for, and help you feel more at peace about it.

2. Don’t give away too much information. It’s good to highlight some biographical information about yourself, maybe where you grew up or went to school, but don’t allow the introduction to tell the audience all about who you are. Save some of the information for your speech…maybe use some in a story that can segway into your topic.

3. Think about your audience. Who are you talking to? What kind of things will your audience be interested in hearing about you? First impressions are key…so what is something you can write in your introduction that will allow the audience to make a connection with you before you begin speaking.

4. Be enthusiastic and use body language. Even if you are giving an introduction for someone else, be sure to use enthusiasm and good body language to get the audience excited. It’s this first step that will get the audience engaged in the speaker, so this is a key part.

For more information and tips on writing a good introduction or giving one, be sure to check out Lisa B Marshall’s blog.

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