TOW 12: Podcasts


I think podcast’s can be especially helpful for all students who are working in the field of PR. They’re especially helpful for new PR students who are trying to learn and seeking advice from the experts. Although, I must admit, they can be a little confusing if you’re listening to one that features commentators who are “in the know” and well, you’re not quite there.

I chose two by Marketing Over Coffee. Why? I’m an avid coffee lover. It’s true. But also, I like the fact that their podcasts are never too long. I have a short attention span, so I can’t listen to some podcasts that go on for 45 minutes-1 hour.

During the first podcast, Wall and Penn discussed the fact that Pinterest is worth $1 billion dollars. That’s interesting to me since it just became popular and look how much money it’s worth. Same as Instagram. They talked about how different companies have been bought for different amounts of money including Myspace, Xynga and others.

There were other “techy” things talked about…but they lost me during that time.

They also talked about Titanic, and how there was an uprising on Twitter about how several people didn’t know it was real. I’m sorry, what? Some people apparently haven’t been reading their history books recently.

The second podcast I listened to talked about new iPad, Apple “techy” news. I told you they were really in the know about technical stuff. They also discussed the Facebook cover photos for Timeline, and how there are “rules” for what you can post as your cover photo. It seems unlikely that they will have the “force” to keep up with all of the users’ cover photos. And, moving into the technical/digital age the Encyclopedia Brittanica will no longer be published in print form–it’s all going online. This would make sense since they need to be able to keep up with sources like Wikipedia. Students are much more likely to search for information on Wikipedia than open a huge Encyclopedia, so this is probably a good decision.

Personally though, podcasts are just not for me. I have about 30 podcasts (they’re sermons, mind you) on my iTunes right now, and I’ve only listened to one or two. Not sure why I keep them on there…maybe it’s the hope that one day I’ll become interested and listen to them. This is just my opinion, but I realize that I’m much more able to retain content by reading it than listening.

If you’d like to hear more about Marketing Over Coffee, click here.


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