TOW: 11 The Info on Infographics


Infographics have quickly become a popular reality in the social media world. In a world where people only want to look at and read fast-paced things, infographics are a great way to visually capture people. They take hard facts and information which previously would be read, and turn them into an illustrated picture. Honestly, I think they are genius. I am much more apt to look at an infographic with arrows and letters and pictures to further the thought being described, instead of reading an article which gives the same idea. They give a clean, fresh outlook on new material being delivered. The way social media is continuing to change, it’s no surprise to see something like the infographic taking off.

Image Credit: Marketing Julep

What is an Infographic? It’s a new way of telling information, in a new media. Infographics share information, including strategies and formulas, in a visual way. It’s kind of like a graphic essay. The key to creating a good infographic is to make sure all of the information is covered, and your audience can take one look at it and understand what you are trying to convey. This requires the creator being objective with how they design, using the right information, wording it correctly, using pictures, not too many symbols and proper placement.

Image Credit: SEO hatch

The best way to go about creating an infographic for your business or client would be to hire a designer, unless you are quite experienced in digital designs. If you’re feeling artsy, there are several simple “how to” guides available online with a quick Google search. I myself, have no idea how one would go about creating one, though I’d love to figure out how.

Personally, for my client, I’d love to create an infographic which shows the supporters of Hoola for Happiness, how their funding puts hula hoops in the hands of children overseas. I think it’d be a great way to help our supporters feel more connected and involved with what is going on in our organization. We already have a blog and youtube channel, but infographics are the new way to share lots of information.

Here are a few popular infographics…I picked the first two because they deal with hipsters and geeks, which I find the most funny to look at.

Image Credit: Salty Waffle

Image Credit: Daily Infographic

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