TOW: 10 Twit Twit Twitter


I actually needed someone to explain to me what a Twitter chat is, because I had no idea. I’m still relatively new to the world of twitter, and seldom use it. I enjoy reading tweets from other people, but I usually have to remind myself to tweet, because I will forget.

This week we were supposed to participate in a public relations twitter chat. I think twitter chats are especially useful for people heavily involved in using twitter.  They can also be good for students like myself who are interested in learning more about PR and this is a fun way to do so.

I participated in one, but was so confused I didn’t end up saying anything, and actually didn’t stay long through it. The twitter chat went super fast and I had a hard time keeping up with it all, especially since I came in late. The one I participated in was #blogchat with Mark Collier. Tonight’s topic was about blogs and how to make the most of yours. This was interesting to me especially since I have a blog that I’m keeping for my PR class and I want to make sure it isn’t boring. There was some good information shared like changing up your blog every once in awhile to give it a fresh look, having an “about me” page that is especially unique to fit with your personality and of course, building up relationships with other bloggers. It was cool to see “how it all worked” but I didn’t find that I especially benefited from the chat. All of the information shared was stuff I already know that has been taught to me in either I know a lot, or my professors are doing a good job. That’s good either way.

For me, I just didn’t enjoy the twitter chat as much as I thought I would. It’s all about what each person likes, and for me, I’d much rather read someone’s blog then participate in a fast-paced chatting experience.


NOTE: This is a TOW for week 7, but posted on week 10.


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