TOW 8: Guest Post


This week, I have the privilege of having my sweet and beautiful room-mate Jordyn Roe as a guest on my blog. Jordyn is a great writer and I thought this was a beautiful post which captures so much…hopefully you will blessed as much as I was by it!


The eyes we carry were made by the ultimate creator of beautiful things to be seen. God gave us the ability to do more than just see, but hear, and taste, smell and touch. The most fulfilling way to see his creation is through the same lens he sees us, through the eyes. We are a visually stimulated society and have become used to the constant flow of images directed right towards us, whether it be advertisements or trees along the frequently driven roads we cross.

In the midst of this common occurence in our day-to-day lives we have become accustomed to it and thoroughly enjoy the influx of beautiful things we are blessed to see. Without an image next to a description we often feel jipped of the full experience. When we flip through the pages of a cook book or Kitchen Magicians Blog we look forward to those images that will give us proof that all the sweat spent slaving away in the Kitchen was worth it. When choosing images make sure that what you are describing or perhaps the topic in your blogs meshes well with the image you choose to accompany  your words. The photo or photos chosen need to be aesthetically pleasing to the eyes of the reader. When they see the image you want them to feel inspired or content in seeing an abundance of beautiful things or simply an image that gives reality to the text.

As you are searching for your images make sure that you choose an image that the photographer or designer has allowed to be reposted and used by other social media users. The websites you are looking at will inform you of the policies and standards that they expect the user to follow. In every image used you will want to give credit where credit is due by linking the image to the original source in which the image came from. You wouldn’t want your work to be floating around the internet without being sourced to you, so be courteous and do the same for other creative minds alike.


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  1. Hey my Lovely Roomie! Thank you for using me as your guest blogger. Oh the joys of blogging 🙂 I can’t wait for the day when we get to blog about all our adventures in third world countries and all the blessings along the way, until then…happy random boring blogging! HA

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