TOW #6: Poynter Website…more than just NewsU.


NewsU is a website we use as an additional resource for my Public Relations class. I have been familiar with this site for quite some time now, especially with their NEWSU courses. They offer a wide variety of online courses from Copyright Laws to Covering Islam in America. These courses are extremely beneficial for students studying the fields of Journalism or Public Relations and I have gained a wealth of information. I like the fact that they are self-taught and you can go as fast as you want, or as slow. Each of the courses has interactive material to help you gain understanding of the subject manner.

But there is so much more…

Under the Media News tab, there is an entirely additional site comprised of tons of relevant news media. From that site, I can check out current trending news information and respond to threads concerning media and Journalism. There is even a side bar which lists available job opportunities from Broadcast to Associate Publishers. There’s even a link to add your own resume, or post a job as an employer. This intrigued me because I found a photojournalism position which I would be interested in checking out.

Under the Tools for Educators tab, there is a slew of information for teachers and educators to use for their classrooms. Just a quick glance through the page and there were links to games I could pull up and information on a Journalism class Poynter University offers for college level students.

There’s also a tab called About Us which shares information about the organization behind the website, Poynter University. It’s actually located in St. Petersburg, Fla, which I was surprised to see. Poynter exists to further educate students about the proper way in doing journalism, from editing to writing, blogging and producing. Poynter has a wide appeal for students–they can learn either in the classroom setting, or online. Something worth checking out!


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