Food is Good


While I have always considered myself a healthy eater, it wasn’t until recently that I have begun to develop a passion for a healthy eating lifestyle. Having a dairy allergy and suffering from acid reflux disease means that I have to be very careful with the things I eat so it doesn’t put a dent in my day. I love all types of Ethnic food–Indian, Thai, Mexican and Greek. However, with such a sensitive stomach I’m not able to enjoy these foods any more. I’ve been doing research and reading up on different diets..Mediterranean, Blood Typing, South Beach, Atkins, etc. It all gets so confusing after awhile…

Recently, I’ve begun trying to implement a Vegan/Mediterranean diet into my lifestyle. This isn’t easy, especially when eating in Chartwells because you get very tired of having the same salad over and over again. It’s not that I think it’s terrible to kill animals (yes, it is, but I’m not a PETA fan) but for me, I’ve found that it is much easier for my body to process simple foods like fruits and vegetables than a huge piece of chicken. And learning about green smoothies? Quite possibly one of the best things I’ve ever heard of!

I haven’t given up on meat entirely–I eat chicken once or twice a week at most, though I try to aim for not eating it. I hardly ever eat any red meat. (Except for the once a year Colombian burger, SO GOOD, but it’s straight to bed after I eat one of those!) I do try to eat fish whenever possible. I just can’t give up my love for sushi, and I never will. Sorry, a bunch of fish will die because of my love for sushi. My family has a history of heart problems, so it’s important to me to choose healthy foods that will benefit my body in the future.

I certainly do not know claim to be an expert on diets and nutrition, but it is very interesting to learn more about how our bodies process food and what keeps our bodies working.


Here are a few of the blogs I have been following. They are not all Vegan, but I enjoy the different recipe’s and ideas.

Eat, Live, Run

Dreena’s Vegan Recipes


No Meat Athlete

BBC Good Food

Virtually Vegan Mama


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