TOW # 4: Guide to the AP of Style


The AP Style Guide could be dubbed the “bible” of Journalism and Writing. This little big book contains absolutely everything you need to know about writing, grammar, word usage, spelling and punctuation. It’s a little obnoxious how much this sucker knows.

I’ve had this book for awhile now and ended up not using it in my previous COMM class, but it seems like I will be using this a lot more in my Writing for PR class. I think it’s a very informative book with chapters and pages chocked full of information of how to use “stationary” or “stationery,” where the comma or when it’s proper to use a dash.

While I find this book to be a great little tool, it’s much easier for me to look online for this kind of information than flipping through the hundreds of pages of this book. I find it frustrating to have to carry it around and search for the important info. Plus, some of the categories are out of order and that makes it annoying. Nevertheless, I consider it an important book to have if pursuing a career in writing, and I’ll be sure to keep mine as well. Heck, I’ll probably advise my mom to get one too since she is always asking me questions about word choice and commas and all that fun stuff.

This book is important for those pursuing fields in Journalism or Public Relations because it contains a lot of information pertaining to grammar and punctuation, which is especially important for those jobs. Employers higher PR pro’s or writers based on their ability to write, and this book would be especially important for one to study and memorize. On the job you can’t really ask your boss, “So do you capitalize Spring or not?”

While it’s not my favorite book in my bookshelf, it is essential for working in the Communications field. Plus, some gleaning information from just a few pages makes you look like a much better writer. 😉


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