TOW #3 : Grammar Girl Say What?


Image Credit: Grammar Girl

I first heard about Grammar Girl from hearing Professor Nixon rave about her.

I think we’ve become friends.

She has some great, informative posts that I will definitely keep going back to.

Lay vs. Lie

I’ve been learning about this since elementary school and yet I still have trouble choosing and using the right word. The way Grammar Girl describes the difference is remembering that lay has to have a direct object following it, for example: Lay down the coffee.

Lie is used for people, for example: I will lie down at 4:00 pm. It makes it easy for me to remember by thinking that lie refers to people, and people lie. There we go.

Simple write…not so.

The past tense of lie, is lay. Who came up with all of this??

Image Credit: Grammar Girl

I think it will just be easier to use this handy dandy chart Grammar Girl has created to remind me of the appropriate uses for each.

Word Choice for Creative Writing

I enjoy creative writing and this post was a good read for me. She shares that its important to write concisely and be careful that you are using the correct word choice. This is something I usually have trouble with because a certain word from high school will come back to mind and I will want to use it in my story yet forget the meaning. Fortunately a lot of this can be avoided by using Microsoft Word and plugging in the meaning and then choosing from a list of synonyms if needed. I really enjoy writing and usually what happens is that I have many thoughts circulating through out my mind but it is difficult to get it onto paper. It usually doesn’t sound as good on paper as it did in my head.

Myriad Of

I read this blog post because myriad is another word I often recall from my high school days. Yet I didn’t know there was so much controversy surrounding its usage. You can use it by itself “myriad” or “a myriad of.” The latter is what I usually use in my writings. Good to know, just in-case I wanted to use “myriad” by itself. Grammar Girl says its okay to use either, so I’ll take her advice.



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  1. I think it’s pretty funny that our TOW title for Grammar Girl was the pretty much the same. Yours is “Grammar Girl Say What?” and mine is “Grammar Guru, say what?!”. I’m not sure what really happened but perhaps we’re just too good for our own good! haha. I enjoyed the content of this blog as well as the info graphic/table, I always stumble on those!

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