COMM 4333 TOW: #1 Social Media


I am involved in a variety of different types of social media and have been for quite some time. I remember back to the days when I thought I was the coolest person in the world because I had a Myspace and a Xanga. But nothing quite changed the world, or my world for that matter, until Facebook.

Image Credit: Facebook


We all know Facebook. According to, there are more than 800 million users. It’s pretty much changed the entire face of the world as we know it. I find it to be the best way to stay in touch with family and friends. While most people in the world have an e-mail address, these days it is so much easier to just send them a facebook message, or thanks to FB mobile, you can even connect with them on the phone. I use FB to share photos and updates on my life. My mom especially loves FB because she can keep up to date with what I am doing in life since I don’t talk with her every day.

Image Credit: Twitter


Though I recently gave up my twitter, it looks like I will have to resurrect it in order to continue in my PR classes. I really do like twitter and the way you can connect with other people and post short blurbs of info. I retired my twitter account because I was becoming too active on the internet and wanted to limit the appearance of my name on such sites.

Image Credit: Instagram


Instagram is probably one of my most favorite forms of social media. I’ve been using the App on my iPhone for over a year now, yet just found out that you can follow, tag, comment and like other people’s photo’s. Sometimes I am so behind on all of this technology hoopla. Anyways, I love photography and this is a great way for me to take, edit and share my photo’s with the world.

Image Credit: Pinterest


Pinterest is one of my greatest discoveries in 2011. Fortunately I was able to get on and be chosen before it got too popular. Several of my friends have been waiting upwards of two+ weeks to receive their invitation. Pinterest is a great way to get ideas for crafts, recipes, outfits, parties, ceremonies and traveling destinations. I could spend hours on this site every day, but 15 credits this semester prevent me from doing such things. Pinterest makes me feel crafty and artistic, two things of which I am not, so I greatly enjoy this site.

Image Credit: WordPress


I’ve used blogs for quite some time now, but I really enjoy the simplicity and style of the WordPress blog. I haven’t kept a blog in over three years, but having one for my PR classes has put me back into the spirit of blogging, something which I hope will continue after I graduate.

Image Credit: FlickR


Though I do not use FlickR nearly as much as the others, I do love hosting some of my photographs on this site. I like the options of being able to share my photos with others and order prints. The only thing I do wish for is more storage on the site…it took me two months to upload my Africa photos because you can only upload so many at a time.


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