The Spirit of Giving


Something that has really been on my heart this Christmas season is to be intentional with the gifts I buy, to both the recipient and the maker of the gift. While pondering my own idea’s of what I want for Christmas, I can’t really think of anything in particular. But what I do want to see is more people becoming aware of the sufferings of this world and what they can do to help.

I read a blog by Kristen Howerton called Rage Against the Minivan and she proposed the idea of “Occupy Christmas.” Instead of scouring the malls for Christmas presents or maxing out credit cards, what if we gave gifts that would have a lasting meaning?

Did you know that for $45 you can give a goat to a family in need through Compassion International? This family can use the goat for milk or meat, thereby helping alleviate the growing hunger crisis?

Or when you buy a watch for $25 from Hello Somebody you’re helping street boys in Rwanda go to school and get off the streets?

Are you a fan of ethnic looking clothing? A company called Punjammies teaches young girls in India to make beautiful sari inspired pajama bottoms, keeping them off the streets and out of sexual slavery.

For $25 you can help a mother have a safe delivery through Rescue Gifts. Did you know that maternal death rate is a very serious problem especially for women living in countries like Haiti or war-torn Sierra Leone and Uganda.

For an even larger list of gift ideas, check out this listing.

I encourage you to think about the Christmas presents you are buying this year and what lasting effects you can leave on not only the giver, but the one you bought from. The same $25 you spent on a gift for your brother or friend could be the same $25 that saves a child’s life.


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