The Final Topic of the Week


For my final TOW, I’ll ellaborate on the top 10 things I have learned about Public Relations this semester.

Get ready!

1. What Public Relations IS–before taking this class, I had no idea what PR was. I’m sure I had heard of it before, but what exactly is meant by it was completely foreign to me.

2. Public Relations Professionals Wear Many Hats–there are so many different things that are apart of being a PR pro, from keeping up with twitter to planning banquets!

3. Social Media is Important–Sure, Facebook is pretty nifty, but when it comes to the world of PR, Facebook isn’t everything..twitter, blogging and LinkedIn are just as important!

4. How to Write a Press Release–One of my friends who graduated with a degree in Public Relations taught me how to write a press release just over a month ago. I’d never written one before, but my first one turned out great and was sent out to several news organizations to promote an event with a non-profit I work with. The week after I wrote my first, we learned how to write them in class–I definitely paid attention much more to this one because I knew exactly what my professor was talking about!

5. Public Relations Involves Event Planning–My group presentation was on event planning, from planning group meetings to large events like banquets and conventions! Who knew that part of a PR pro’s job description includes putting together events like these!

6. Copyright is Important–Some of the most beneficial information I received came from the NewsU courses we had to take. The last one, dealing with Online Media Law was extremely helpful with learning what is appropriate to post on the internet, and what could land you in jail!

7. The Difference Between Journalism and Public Relations–I had always thought these were the same, since I have a Journalism minor, and really had no interest in Public Relations. However, I found out the major differences between the two and while I greatly enjoyed learning about the PR field, I realized that I’d rather stick with Journalism.

8. Relationships are EXTREMELY IMPORTANT— Comprendo? I learned this while interviewing PR pro, Carissa Caricato. She was able to meet many important people while working events in college, kept in contact with those she met and then used their influence to help the organization she worked with.

9. There Is Still So Much to Learn–Learning doesn’t end here..we’ll continue to learn as we get onto the PR field and finding jobs.

10. Ragan’s PR Daily Is the Best Site–This site provided so much additional information for me!


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