12 Things 1980s Music Can Teach Public Speakers



So, I stumbled across this article on Ragan’s PR Daily–Top 10 Tips for Public Speakers from 80’s Pop Music. Now, I just barely missed the 80’s since I was born in February 1990, so none of this music is familiar to me. However, I found this post extremely beneficial and quite engaging! I loved how it used different music video’s and songs to further the point trying to be made.

Don’t believe me? Check it out now!

Image Credit: Squidoo

12 Things 1980s Music Can Teach Public Speakers.

Two that I found especially insightful were the song “Physical”and the suggestion to always use body language when speaking. I feel like the next time I give a speech, that song will be in my mind! The other one I found helpful was “When I See You Smile” which reminds public speakers to keep a smiling face during their presentation! There may be moments where you forget what to say, but don’t panic–just smile! 🙂


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