TOW 14: Guest Post!


This week, I have the privilege of handing my blog over to my good friend Naida Lindberg. She wrote this post for her blog a few weeks back and I found it extremely interesting, especially for new bloggers. She shares from her heart some vital tips to help new bloggers as they journey through this new “world” of online journaling. Enjoy!

Dear, New Bloggers

I can remember the first time I stumbled upon tumblr. The clouds never opened up, but I found this exhilarating feeling of being vulnerable with those I have never even seen. Blogging opens up a window of opportunity to actually say what you mean. You’re not worried about people’s perception because for all you know they are strangers. They slowly become the audience that hears your voice.

However, starting a blog can be a difficult process. I am hoping that through these helpful “tips” you will be on your way to thought sharing, and expression.

Step 1. : Find a blogging site that appeals to you. There are so many different blogging cites that you can plug in at. Tumblr is my personal favorite because of its accessibility. However, this may not be yours so find one that you can get connected with.

Step 2.:  Know the audience you are communicating to. I know I said before that you usually do not know those whom read your blog, but there is a way to get a rough idea of what crowd you are attracting.

Step 3.: Put some time into the look of your blog. I will be honest there are blogs I do not really pay too much attention to because there is nothing that “draws me in”. Find a layout or make one that shows your style but also is appealing to the audience you are communicating to.

Step 4.: Be consistent. It is important to update your blog often. The consistency comes from updating regularly and giving people new things to read. Your blog is not strictly for other people, but if you are looking at reaching a wider audience they would like to probably see new things regularly.

Step 5.: Watch what you post. Now, it is important to voice what you are feeling, but the internet can be a dangerous place. I am not strictly talking about not putting personal information on there. What I am referring to is public bashing. If you have just finished an argument with someone, stay away from a computer.

Step 6.: Interact with your followers. Most of the people that read your blog will want to message you or comment. Be friendly and comment back. If they ask you appropriate questions, answer them. This makes them feel valued and in turn helps them to identify with your blog even more.

Step 7.: Be authentic with your posts. Influence is one thing, but completely hijacking others thoughts is not advisable. Be you, realness is what society is asking for. Sure you may not be the most articulate, but you are the most you than anyone else. People want to hear your voice, so give it to them.

Step 8.: Share your blog on different social network cites. I think there is a way to over advertise your thoughts but most blogs will update your other status’ each time you post something new. Not everyone uses a blog and they possibly would like to read yours, doing this can get them connected with your blog.

Step 9.: Put in effort. Starting a blog is not the difficult part, continuing it however is a completely different story. Writers block and a lack of time can be the death of blogs. Don’t allow yourself to get to this point. Be consistent.

Step 10.: Have fun with it. This may not seem like a good tip, but blogging is not just work. It can open doors for careers yes, but at its core it is about sharing. Sharing is the doorway to vulnerability, if you take it too seriously you may forget why you even do it. Post something goofy and allow yourself to be real.

Now, I am not a blogging expert but I hope these tips help you on this journey into the world of expression. You have been given a voice, now use it.

Here is the address to my tumblr cite.


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