TOW 12: My First Podcast


My first Podcast ever. Fortunately, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be!

For this podcast, I took a suggestion from a fellow classmate and checked out Marketing Over Coffee by John Wall and Christopher Penn. Why? Because I love coffee, and I figured if they put coffee in their name, then well, they must be pretty cool. While their podcasts are more geared towards the field of Marketing, it was still very helpful as Marketing is an important part of Public Relations.

Wall and Penn discussed several things in their podcast “My Little Pony.” Maybe I didn’t listen well enough, but I never really did understand why it was entitled that…maybe just a catchy post? Anyways, they mostly dealt with new features in the world of Apple, although much of it was a bit out of date since this podcast is about a month old. Of course, the recent passing of Steve Jobs and the legacy he left behind with Apple topped the first part of the conversation. Jobs will definitely be remembered during our lifetime–what would we do without iTunes, the iPhone and iMac?

Much of the first part of their discussion revolved around the new iPhone 4s and Siri, a voice operating system which allows you to use your voice to tell the phone what to do. Pretty nifty, yet it may be hard to put in certain websites.

iMessage was another hot topic, another way to talk with your friends instead of using text messages. iMessaging can be used via your iPhone, iPad or iMac.

Another issue they discussed included Lifecycle marketing concepts or progressive profiling, which consists of asking for bare minimum amount of information, keep asking for additional amounts of information to learn more about this person, and done in a way that the person is unaware of. Reinforce’s Chaldean’s concept of consistency, basically making more of a commitment to the website you are working with.

Question of the week–are you upgrading to the iPhone 4s? Most people say they won’t because it’s too similar to the one they have already. I probably won’t, but instead will get the iPhone 4 and maybe wait for the 5 coming sometime in the future!

The second podcast I listened to was entitled “Back to Flip the Funnel.” John Wall interviewed author Joseph Jaffy and his recent book, “Back to Flip the Funnel.” It’s been out for a little over a year, and the author calls it “the best book he has ever written.” He said it’s an important book dealing with the framework of marketing and customers. To see change being effected, people finding careers that they love is an important part of this book and the campaign. The author seemed very passionate about his book, marketing and working with customers.

I loved how while they were talking, you could hear the hum and whistle of coffee machines…it sure made me crave some Starbucks.

I think PR podcasts are especially insightful for students studying Public Relations to hear from the professionals.


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