TOW 11: Blog Review


Image Credit: Ragan's PR Daily

For this issue of our Topic of the Week, our assignment was to participate in a social media twitter chat. Since I’m still quite new to the world of twitter and probably quite incompetent to figure out how to participate in a chat, I decided I’d work on the alternate assignment of reviewing a PR blog.

When I think of a PR blog, the first thing that comes to my mind is Ragan’s PR Daily. This site is a fantastic resource for all things public relations, from current news to crisis’ and marketing. When I need to find some information on a current PR trend, or simply to gather more information for my blog, this is the place I turn first.

What sticks out the most to me is the fact that Ragan’s puts out news every day that is informative and not boring. The posts are short and to the point, just like we learn about in Journalism classes. The staff at Ragan’s writes many posts, but also shares a lot of other posts from other various PR blogs, to give more information to their readers.

One of my favorite posts is their daily Job of the Day section. If I was serious about going into Public Relations, I would definitely keep my eye attuned to these daily posts as the jobs vary from small organizations to corporations such as Dunkin Donuts!

Another part of Ragan’s I also enjoyed was their daily tips. I learned many new things from the top 10 tips for public speakers to the 12 outrageous job losses due to mishandling social media.

Ragan’s PR Daily is a great place for beginning bloggers or PR professionals to tune into to stay advised of the latest trends in the PR world. I signed up for their daily news feed and each day my inbox would have  a new e-mail with related PR news or information about upcoming conferences or seminars.

I have very much enjoyed learning about the world of public relations via the great blog of Ragan’s PR Daily.


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