There’s Hope in the PR World!


Image Credit: CPR Daily Dose

With the current economic crisis, finding a job seems like such a daunting task as a soon to be college graduate. But there is hope! According to an article in Ragan’s PR Daily, the PR job market continues to grow. There’s been a 93% increase in job listings between November 2009-May 2011, and this number is expected to continue. This makes me feel hopeful about possibly finding a job in PR after I graduate.

A large part of this article focuses on how employers look to a future employee’s social media status as a reference for hiring. It’s a good idea to take a look now at what’s on the internet about you and be careful when posting things because your future job could be dependent on it!


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  1. Great advice to be careful when posting things on Facebook and Twitter. In today’s job market, employers are going to these websites first to get a glimpse of what the REAL you does outside of work. Great topic, and great article!

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