PR Era: The 1970’s


If I could pick a time in Public Relations history, I would probably choose the 1970’s. Something about this time has always interested me, and not because of the wild hippies, drugs and all that this time period is known for. My parents always point back to this time period as being one of their favorite growing up.

This was a time of revolution for many Americans living then. People were able to express themselves through dance, music, art and politics. I think this time also changed the ways journalists and PR professionals worked. With coverage of the war in Vietnam blasting through their radio’s and television’s, people were more engaged in what was happening during those days. I think people were beginning to feel more open about expressing their opinions. A huge PR crisis during that time makes me think of President Nixon and the Watergate scandal. I’m sure there were a lot of PR professionals involved in this matter.

I tried doing some research on Public Relations in the 1970’s, but didn’t come up with too much. It seems like there was a lot going on from this time due to the war and Watergate scandal, so it seems some PR professionals didn’t know what to say, or how to handle these situations. PR seemed to be a growing trend and people were still learning how this profession was working.

This article talks a little bit about the three different stages of public relations history from the 1950’s-1970’s.

Three Phases of Public Relations Development

I think this would have been a really fun time period to live in. Some of my favorite music comes from this era, fashion trends and even the wacky hair styles.


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  1. I loved that this was the era you picked.
    I can see it now, PR journalist Sera M in bellbottoms.
    So much went on in this era, the scandals seemed to be endless.
    Who knows, I may jump into this time machine and report with you.

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