Journalism vs. Public Relations


While most people consider Journalism and Public Relations to be very similar, these two fields of work differ in many distinct ways. Both professions relate to people on a daily basis and center around a tremendous amount of writing, technology and people, but they are fundamentally different in the way they reach people.

According to Think PR, Public Relations focuses on many different events from counseling appointments to special events. Most public relations professionals seem to be juggling many different hats when it comes to organizing events and working with different clients. Public Relations tends to deal more with marketing and finances as well.  Journalism is also a very involved field with journalists working hard to discover stories, doing research, interviewing people and distributing different kinds of media. Public Relations is an important part of Journalism as the public is the main audience they are reaching out to.

Professionals in Journalism and Public Relations have two different crowds in mind as an audience. Most journalists are reaching out to masses of people from their daily newspaper articles to the web and broadcasting. While on the other hand, public relations professionals are drawn to a more distinct crowd depending on what type of people group they are looking at reaching. In addition, a more fundamental difference is that Journalism’s main objective is serving the public interest, while public relations professionals are working toward the best interest of their employer and clients.

Though Journalism and Public Relations differ in many ways, the two rely on each other when working in the news/media field. These days, many journalists and public relations professionals are being trained with the same techniques so they can better serve the continually changing media industry. Both are high energy and competitive fields that require a tremendous amount of work and respect for each other.


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